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Fiber Optic Cable

Remfrom Series  22; Model  72-SM;  Remee Product  03/01

Approximately 600 feet; broken ends; no connectors

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Mercedes Benz Tires and Wheels

Originals for  500SEL; Qty 4; 10,000 miles left. Missing 5 lug nuts. Wheel Covers need rechroming.

Ready to mount and drive.

205/65R15   Radial X

2 Michelin and 2 Winston

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Lug Bolts - Ball Seat - Chrome Plated  -  NEW

Part number;  19-12550-B

12MM  1.5 RH   17MM hex

Old Part number;  99-0817

Qty 20 pcs.

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Mail Box Flower Box

Regular Mail Box made for Flower Box - Color - Light Pink







National Geographic Magazines from 1967-1995, good condition in boxes, with maps - make offer;

Audubon magazines, good conditon, 1980's & 1990's - make offer;

Water Stand for 5 gallon bottles with nozzle for bottle, stand only, retail price is $24.95, asking $16 each -  click here to see


Electronic Parts New, priced by each or a whole lot - Click Here

Franklin 1200, 64k Microcomputer with many accessories - make offer;

Antique Universal Measuring Test Set for direct current-model UTS - make offer;

Sansui Stereo Tuner & Amplifier Model 3000A, 1968 vintage, needs

Output transister one channel - othewise working -  make offer;

Electric Typewriter Brother, EM-701 - make offer;

Printer, HP Deskjet 870Cse Professional Series - good condition - make offer;


Dysan, 5.25 inch MD 2HD IBM PC/AT FORMATTED Diskettes 10/box, 80 boxes - make offer;

Gooley Chair - new the only chair where you can lay on your front side, drink an ice tea, and read a book for hours without any discomfort; list for $795; pick up here for $374, quantity one (1);



Scanner: Visioneer 4400 USB 42 bit color  600x1200dpi
Printer: Alps MD 1000 Color with 50 new cartriges
Printer: Lexmark Z55 Color Printer no cartridges

Colorado Tape Backup External Trakker 350 with 28 tapes [parallel port and power supply]

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QTY:  (1)

Pervasive.SQL 7
11 Sep 1998
Tested and Approved with the following Novell products:
NetWare 5 NetWare 5

Product Description
Pervasive gives you everything you need to develop, deploy, and scale your applications from the desktop to client/server. The Pervasive.SQL family of products includes the multi-user high performance server, the single-user workstation engine, and the Pervasive.SQL SDK for developers creating applications in languages like Visual Basic, C++, Delphi, Java, and others. All of these products give your applications: - Lower total cost of ownership - A high-performance database - The best of both Btrieve (transactional) access and SQL (relational) data access - Full compatibility with existing Btrieve applications Which means you have an edge over your competition in providing a business solution tailored for your customer's needs.

Minimum Hardware Requirements
Required Hard Drive Space Full install with all client images is 80 MB
Required RAM 1024 KB

Product File Specifications
File Name Version Size Date
BREBUILD.NLM 7.00 41596 bytes 19-Aug-1998
BROUTER.NLM 7.00 27783 bytes 18-Aug-1998
BSPXCOM.NLM 7.00 25089 bytes 21-Aug-1998
BTCPCOM.NLM 7.00 19611 bytes 21-Aug-1998
BTIMSG.NLM 4.00 60046 bytes 12-Aug-1998
BTRIEVE.NLM 7.00 6466 bytes 07-Aug-1998
BUTIL.NLM 7.00 80851 bytes 21-Aug-1998
NWAIF103.NLM 1.00 98925 bytes 23-Jan-1998
NWBSRVCM.NLM 7.00 31217 bytes 21-Aug-1998
NWMKDE.NLM 7.00 836000 bytes 20-Sep-1999
NWSSRVCM.NLM 4.00 31026 bytes 21-Aug-1998
NWUCINIT.NLM 1.05 101397 bytes 07-Aug-1998
NWUCMGR.NLM 1.05 89993 bytes 26-Aug-1998
NWUCUTIL.NLM 1.05 47566 bytes 26-Aug-1998
RIUTIL.NLM 4.00 63957 bytes 20-Jan-1998
SQLUTIL.NLM 4.00 80975 bytes 19-Aug-1998
SSPXCOM.NLM 4.00 25884 bytes 21-Aug-1998
SSQL.NLM 4.00 2065004 bytes 28-Aug-1998
STCPCOM.NLM 4.00 19693 bytes 21-Aug-1998
Client File(s):
File Name Size Date
BUTIL.EXE 113664 bytes 21-Aug-1998
DDFTOOL.EXE 587776 bytes 04-Aug-1998
ISCOUT16.EXE 594432 bytes 04-Aug-1998
ISCOUT32.EXE 577536 bytes 04-Aug-1998
SQLUTIL.EXE 82432 bytes 07-Aug-1998
SSCOUT.EXE 502528 bytes 07-Aug-1998
SSCOUT32.EXE 516096 bytes 07-Aug-1998
SSWEXP.EXE 65342 bytes 15-Aug-1998
SSWRA.EXE 88280 bytes 15-Aug-1998
SSWRIC.EXE 67151 bytes 15-Aug-1998
SSWRIL.EXE 65036 bytes 15-Aug-1998
W16SSET.EXE 793730 bytes 04-Aug-1998
W32MAINT.EXE 589824 bytes 04-Aug-1998
W32RBLD.EXE 393216 bytes 04-Aug-1998
W32SSET.EX 491520 bytes 04-Aug-1998
W32SSMON.EXE 507904 bytes 06-Aug-1998
W32UCADM.EXE 241664 bytes 07-Aug-1998
W32UCNST.EXE 195584 bytes 07-Aug-1998
WUCADMIN.EXE 148432 bytes 07-Aug-1998
WUCINST.EX 98016 bytes 07-Aug-1998

Tested Client Configuration
NLM Category Database Server
NLM Type Client/Server

The term Tested and Approved applies only to the exact configuration documented in this bulletin. For more information regarding the specific test configuration, please contact:

12365 Riata Trace Parkway
Building II
Austin, TX, 78727
Voice: 512 231 6527
Toll Free: 800-287-4383
Fax: 512 231 6529