My Garage Sale

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Call me anytime and must see and make offer on these items:  Larry

Selling first come first served, moving.

Please click on each item to see the picture.


-Bed King Size  $150


-Twin Bed Iron - Antique $150

-Surf board, O'Neil short board with leash 6 foot, $300

-Surf board, Gordie;  8 foot, 6 inches, long board with leash, $500

-Stained glass window, handmade,  25 wide x 48 high inches; $300

-Stereo Unit, 1965 vintage, radio, turntable, oak wood,

5'3" long x 17" deep x 27" high; $200

-Chair, Queen Anne, mahogny, pre 1930's; antique; $100

-Dresser, beveled mirror, 6 foot high x 42" wide x 17" deep;  

Antique, pre 1940's; $400

-Sideboard, claw foot, tigeroak; 5 foot high x 45" wide x 23" deep;

pre-1930's; $300

-Antique Ceiling Lamps $100